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What makes us unique

Our key differentiators

Relevant Data

  • “Pull” just the sliver of data you need for the impact you are trying to create
  • Replace big upfront investments with a series of small initiatives that become self-funding
  • Eliminate a central data warehouse as a pre-requisite and let one evolve based on actual data usage as the company grows


  • Choose the data you want to see
  • Group it in tabs that make the most logical sense to you
  • Order them in ways most relevant to your needs

Connected Actions

  • Set goals/targets and create action checklists
  • Assign ownership based on rules (e.g. All Insulin-Dependent Diabetics with < 5 days insulin in Texas to Nurse X)
  • Sort what needs to be done based on different criteria (e.g. Sorted in descending order of ER costs)

Progress Tracking

  • Validate hypotheses and assumptions based on new data resulting from actions
  • Gauge impact of actions using actual data
  • Determine gaps between actual and expected rates of progress towards outcomes
  • Initiate or adjust connected actions based on these gaps

How can we help you maximize return on your data investment?

Our Value

We help maximize return on your big data and analytics investments
Translate Insights into Targeted Actions and Improve Outcomes

The Traditional Approach

  • Traditional data warehouse based approaches result in over 70% of the effort getting consumed in data collection
  • Collecting data can itself take 6-12 months
  • In the meanwhile business conditions can change dramatically
  • Custom development in order to translate insights to action

The Rapid i2i Approach

  • Leverage your existing investments and expose data sources as they currently exist to users in such a way that they can see it in one holistic experience
  • Shape your data warehousing strategy based on actual usage patterns
  • Sequence initiatives so they become self-funding
  • Leverage a pre-packaged solution to shrink time to value

  • % Reduction in Upfront Data Consolidation Effort
  • % Reduction in Time to Value
  • % Increase in Insights converted to Targeted Actions
  • % Initiatives that are self funded


No need for big upfront investments. Learn how to make data investments that are self-funding.

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